Open Cell vs Closed Cell in Atlanta, GA.

I have had a number of quotes for both open cell and closed cell spray foam. Living in Atlanta, GA which is the more appropriate application? Appliction is for a vented attic that will be converted to a non vented conditioned environment. The attic will not be used for living space but possibly for additional storage. I am getting conflicting information on which product is more appropriate. I've been told any pooled water between sheathing and the closed cell will run off but I'm not convinced. Thank you.
-Gil Morelle Alpharetta

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This is a very complicated problem that can have different answers depending on the remaining life of the roof, leakiness of the roof, average relative humidity of the conditioned space, and etc. Luckily, in Atlanta you really only need to worry about making sure the roof won't leak. Condensation shouldn't be a big concern unless you have a really shaded roof that allows snow to collect for extended periods of time. Southface, an organization in Atlanta, may be a local resource for you, too.
-Adam Lee, Boone, NC