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Non-Toxic Pest Control

- Brad J., Augusta, GA

I have heard of neem oil applications that are effective on ants. I am also interested in this subject for natural lawn care as pesticides, weed killers etc have been shown to cause leukemia, lung problems etc. Great question!!!

- Missy Clay, Oklahoma City, OK

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Green Home Cleaning

- Lisa, K, Chicago, IL

Hi Teresa - I'm not talking about anything in particular...just general cleaning around the home (kitchen, floors, bath, windows, etc).

- Lisa K., Chicago, IL

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What type of air purifier is best?

- Liz S., Seattle, WA

Liz, There are two basic types of air purification, passive and active. Both types are available in portable (individual rooms) or whole house systems. The passive systems are typically filtration, in other words the air you want to clean needs to get to the filter. They clean and disinfect only the air that gets to them. The active products distribute some type of molecules into your air. These molecules depending on the product attack microbial pollutants, odors and gases. I also recommend better filtration with a Merv 10 or better filter either in your furnace or portable filter.

- Jeff Olinghouse, Van Wert, OH

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