Tax Credits, Grants, and Other Funding
  Informational Resources
  Cost Calculators
  Energy and Waste Saving Tools
  Educational Materials (K-12)

Tax Credits, Grants, and Other Funding:
   Federal Tax Credits
   Everything from tax credits, to grants, to financing and more.
   Comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.
   Federal consumer tax incentives.
   A list of national, state and local sources for grants, tax credits, loans and other types of funding.
   Grants and fellowship information.
Informational Resources Top  
   Energy Star's comprehensive website for homeowners, businesses, congregations and more.
   DOE's comprehensive educational resource for homeowners.
   DOEs website with comprehensive educational resources for commercial and residential buildings.
   Comprehensive resource for homeowners.
   Comprehensive energy tatistics from the US government.
   Ratings of sustainable products.
   Cosmetic safety and product reviews.
Cost Calculators Top  
   Many cost calculators for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial products.
   Many cost calculators for a variety of residential and commercial products.
   Solar PV:
   Solar Thermal:
   Total Home Energy:
Energy and Waste Saving Tools Top  
   Home Energy Saver: More detailed DIY home energy assessment.

 Home Energy Yardstick: Less detailed home energy assessment.


 Carbon Footprint Calculator:
Educational Materials (K-12): Top  
   Energy Star's interactive tool for kids. Also has information for parents and teachers.
   Another interactive tool for kids. Also has information for teachers.
   Resources for teachers and students.
   Resources for students.
   Hands on home energy audit lesson for students.
   Comprehensive Teacher and Student Resources
   K-12 Lesson Plans and Activities